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Fall In Love With Your Closet Again!

Fall In Love With Your Closet Again!

We know minimalism is huge right now, but shouldn't you be happy with your few items if you will indeed only have a few?

Did you just find the free charity event T-shirt that you only wore once in 2007(and don't even really think is your color)? How about those jeans with the ripped belt loop, or that shirt that's so faded you can't even tell what color it used to be? Can't decide what to wear anymore because you're starting to think you actually don't have anything to wear?

Maybe your closet needs a complete makeover! A few good quality pieces are better than 300 things you can't find an excuse to (or don't want to) wear. Don't over-crowd your closet just because something is on sale! Think about it this way- 3 average shirts on sale for $15 is $45 you have to spend on an amazing quality shirt that will be your go-to for every brunch with friends.

Be encouraged to start completely over with the right mindset! These are some staples we think every girl needs in their closet:


black & blue, ripped & clean. Are all necessary, but it really depends on your style!



Everyday Tee:

great quality is important- comfy look, durable wear! (b/c this may be your most worn)



Chunky/Oversized Sweaters:

cardigan, Long Sleeve, Turtleneck, whatever it is, we all have that shirt in mind that we wear to thanksgiving so we can eat all we want, but still look like a model doing it!



Classic Button Up:

for when you mean business, but you hold tight to ease + comfort



Leather Jacket:

let's be real, everyone looks cooler in one of these. Go-to jacket to wow the group! You'll always be camera ready


Little Black Dress:

okay, I may have like 6 or 7 of these.. but you can never have too many! ANY style, ANY material, ANY occasion... truly a life-saver



Heavy Duty Booties:

well, this may actually be the most important purchase. An outfit is NEVER complete without the perfect shoes, right?! Ankle boots are always the right choice



B.A. Blazer:

Miss Sophisticated needs her blazer for the more professional outings



With these things in your closet, you are off to an AMAZING start with re-vamping your wardrobe! Now that you have the basics, you can add your own flair. Keep it simple, but keep it well-made & in-style!

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