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Hashtag Trending

Hashtag Trending

Fall 2017 Trends can be hard to really pin down. So much is coming back into style, and a lot of things in your closet can be thrown out! We have a lot of new arrivals in store weekly, and we want to tell you how to stay on top of your game this season! Here are some of the big trends to look for this fall:


Okay, so maybe you cut red velvet cake out of your diet, but red velvet anything can be added to your wardrobe- that is, all velvet in general. Shoes, jackets, dresses... velvet is claiming the top spot.




Off-The-Shoulder.. (In the closet!)

Shoulders deserve to be shown off, and that's what everyone is doing at the moment! These are some of our favorite pieces showcasing this trend oh-so-perfectly. Flash that collarbone, cutie!


Bell Sleeves:

We love this dramatic sleeve, as it is no secret the general population loves to take everything to the next level. We like to do things for dramatic effect anyway, so why not something as important as what we're wearing?!



Moody Detail:

Okay, usually headlines are preferred when story-telling or note-taking, but fashion this fall is all about the detail! Moody details are perfect for the extra-touch on any occasion.




Open Back Ties

Okay, who doesn't like to show off some skin once in a while? The back of a top or a dress can be the best part. Add a flirty tie, and it's truly to-die-for.



As you can see, for the most part, these trends overlap (how convenient)!! Velvet bell sleeves, off-the-shoulder details, they all compliment each other. Next time you're deciding what to buy, add one of these to your closet and you won't go wrong!


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